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The QOTEQ company

QOTEQ is a tech service and consulting company based in Funchal da Madeira (Portugal) and Kyiv (Ukraine), developing unique & innovative business management software products.

The team is a group of partners & colleagues with decades of mutual experience in business management, having founded a venture fund and helped establish over a dozen high-tech startups (fintech, cybersecurity, etc.). QOTEQ is our next stage of evolution, bringing innovative tech to empower companies worldwide.

People behind the product

Management team

Yaroslav Kologryvov
Yaroslav Kologryvov
  • Former CEO of the Kyiv Polytechnic Science Park. Raised the investment levels into the Park’s startup ecosystem by 1300% during his tenure.
  • Unicheck (formerly - Unplag), later acquired by global market leader Turnitin (USA).
  • Managing partner at Salucyber, a digital consultancy that developed Ukraine’s cybersecurity program, signed by President Zelenskyy.
Eugene Yukhno
Eugene Yukhno
  • 30+ years in IT, 20 years in managerial positions
  • CTO of a major manufacturing & trading FMCG corporation
  • Involvement in large IT projects in the banking sector (Ex: established a full-scale data center for Credobank Ukraine; developed automation methodology for OTP Bank)
  • Experience in developing operational management methodologies for large enterprises.
Timur Shemsedinov
Timur Shemsedinov
  • 27 years in IT, expert in node.js & javascript, private clouds, software engineering, cybernetics, distributed systems, architecture, databases
  • CTO at QOTEQ, Salucyber, Metatech; Architect at Metarhia and Metactos; Lecturer at KPI, KSE
  • Founder of the Metarhia IT community that unites 36,000 developers.
Vitor Cruz
Vitor Cruz
Senior adviser
  • Senior Banking Executive with 30 years of experience in project management, business development, and the implementation of digital product solutions
  • 7 years of international experience, consistently innovating and focused mainly on solutions with real impact in the P&L
  • Leader of digital transformation teams, especially focused on projects related to digital financial innovation, and the capitalization of internal and external customers.
Vitor Cruz
Matthew Murray
GR Advisor
  • Founder of Sovereign Ventures.
  • Former senior advisor at the White House, Deputy Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Doctor of Law and Master of International Relations, Columbia University, New York City.


QOTEQ in action

QOTEQ was built from the ground up for pragmatic improvements in business effectiveness: cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.

Case #1

ESG Implementation

Traditional ESG/ BI/ ETL Systems

data-warhousing Data Warehousing

Primary Data Collection

Third-party Data

Integration Data

data-analysis Data Analysis

Data Quality: Checks & Alerts

Data Processing: OLAP

data-visualization Data Visualization



Requires additional actions for data export
Manually reconfiguration ESG / ETL / BI Systems for changing Business Processes

QOTEQ includes all existing ESG/ BI/ ETL functions plus:

Automatic configuration of all analytics & reports based on Business Meta Language (BML)
The ability to use different versions of reports
What-if analysis capabilities
Real-time notifications
plus Exports all data to external systems in auto mode
plus Requires additional actions for data export
plus Convenient and accurate ESG reports from bank clients * (in a unified format)
plus Requires additional actions for data export


Service packages

QOTEQ is free & open source, but we deliver 2 service options to maximize its potential & make your business competitive & efficient.

QOTEQ Standalone Server

(initial setup + 1 month of support)

  • 10 hrs of consulting or IT assistance for the initial deployment and setup of QOTEQ on your server
  • 300 hrs of consulting/ support for your Business Analysts in our simplified “coding language” and the validation of their code description of your processes
  • 1 year of access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with the option to prolong subscription

*You keep all your setups and downloaded materials/updates forever, even after the 1 month period ends.


(paid service)

  • Configuration-wizard which makes an initial version of the BML description of the business (unlimited for service users)
  • 30h video course for BA to learn the BML
  • 1-year access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with ability of prolongation
100 € / month per user
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QOTEQ was built from the ground up for pragmatic improvements in business effectiveness: cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.

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QOTEQ Ukraine
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