What we offer

Business model

An open-source model for quick global adoption and paid subscription services.

Open-core adoption
  • Open-source software for quick worldwide adoption.
  • Creating a global community that self-promotes our software, tests & contributes to it.
  • Fast penetration into industries & adoption by businesses for further support subscriptions.
S & ME
Subscription tiers
  • Basic support subscription for troubleshooting, queries, etc.
  • Premium feature subscription (advanced features, regulatory packages, convenient templates, etc.
  • Paid consulting & development for high complexity or specialized features.
Partner sales network
  • Offering training & certification for businesses.
  • Creating a partner sales network for fast worldwide sales expansion.
  • Premium partner subscriptions for advanced business development support.
Developer community
  • Rapid growth in the number of implementations of integrations
  • Rapid maturation of the universal product
  • Security for clients and contractors
  • Customization

Empowering businesses

Target Markets

Here are just SOME of the industries where QOTEQ will be in high demand:

An industry with high complexity and demands for integration of numerous services (micro-credit, smart contracts, e-commerce solutions, etc.). QOTEQ allows seamless integration of features, allowing non-coders to implement improvements in a matter of days.
Accounting and operational planning are major challenges for large and medium retailers. QOTEQ is an ideal “box” solution to unify and consolidate all company systems into one convenient environment, drastically improving management efficiency.
QOTEQ allows logistical companies to quickly change and adapt aspects of their supply chains via digital management. Due to easy “recoding” of management features, they can easily react to market and regulation changes and provide a better service to their clients and partners.
QOTEQ will allow for quick integration with service customers while maintaining maximum flexibility. It will also allow the renting of processing power as a service.

How we evolve

Product roadmap

QOTEQ has several planned stages of development of evolution as both a technology and a service/consulting business.

Basic states System +BPM

Simple DSL, usable by business analysts.

Functional Prototype

Based on current solutions.

Horizontal Domain Specific Solution

  • Project management system (+EPM integration)
  • Project portfolio management (+integration with consolidation & budgeting systemms)

System Platform

  • IOT solutions
  • SCADA solutions
  • App marketplace & partner network

Cloud Platform

  • Account system
  • Data & document transfer
  • Automated reporting system
  • Establishing our tech as a business standard network


QOTEQ in action

QOTEQ was built from the ground up for pragmatic improvements in business effectiveness: cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.

Case #1

ESG Implementation

Traditional ESG/ BI/ ETL Systems

data-warhousing Data Warehousing

Primary Data Collection

Third-party Data

Integration Data

data-analysis Data Analysis

Data Quality: Checks & Alerts

Data Processing: OLAP

data-visualization Data Visualization



Requires additional actions for data export
Manually reconfiguration ESG / ETL / BI Systems for changing Business Processes

QOTEQ includes all existing ESG/ BI/ ETL functions plus:

Automatic configuration of all analytics & reports based on Business Meta Language (BML)
The ability to use different versions of reports
What-if analysis capabilities
Real-time notifications
plus Exports all data to external systems in auto mode
plus Requires additional actions for data export
plus Convenient and accurate ESG reports from bank clients * (in a unified format)
plus Requires additional actions for data export


Service packages

QOTEQ is free & open source, but we deliver 2 service options to maximize its potential & make your business competitive & efficient.

QOTEQ Standalone Server

(initial setup + 1 month of support)

  • 10 hrs of consulting or IT assistance for the initial deployment and setup of QOTEQ on your server
  • 300 hrs of consulting/ support for your Business Analysts in our simplified “coding language” and the validation of their code description of your processes
  • 1 year of access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with the option to prolong subscription

*You keep all your setups and downloaded materials/updates forever, even after the 1 month period ends.


(paid service)

  • Configuration-wizard which makes an initial version of the BML description of the business (unlimited for service users)
  • 30h video course for BA to learn the BML
  • 1-year access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with ability of prolongation
100 € / month per user
map of the world

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QOTEQ was built from the ground up for pragmatic improvements in business effectiveness: cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.

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