The Universal Business Operating System

The evolution of business management: one smooth ecosystem and the freedom of “coding” with business terms, no IT developers required.


Market problems

What we help solve

To survive and succeed, businesses need to go digital, which aren’t yet effectively solved by business software.

Custom development by IT subcontractors is incredibly expensive, takes ages and often produces poor results. We are here to give you back control over your system and lower your costs!

Crippling development costs
Designing business management systems (or even changing them) requires huge expenses on in-house IT teams or subcontractors.
Long development times
New features and systems can take months/years to develop. They are often outdated on release. QOTEQ greatly speeds up development by simplifying it.
No universal solution
Operational management suffers since companies use a jumble of apps for various processes (planning, accounting, etc.). QOTEQ provides one streamlined ecosystem.
Data privacy
Companies have to expose their data (client data, company statistics, etc.) to subcontractors. This is a huge privacy and IP risk. QOTEQ keeps all the data inside the company, as no outsourcing is needed.
IT features are often understood differently by business stakeholders and developers. With QOTEQ, there is no communication barrier: everything can be handled by non-IT employees.
Many market solutions have serious limitations and cannot be easily changed. QOTEQ is designed as a flexible, universal system that can be adapted in several days or hours.

About product

What is QOTEQ?

QOTEQ is all about simplifying & streamlining business software the same way Operating Systems did for consumer applications:

  • Provides a single unified source of data & analytics
  • Integrates all existing business apps into a single convenient ecosystem
  • Integrates all existing business apps into a single convenient ecosystem
  • Allows non-programmers to code using business terms (via DSL)
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The concept was created by a team of startup founders and managers looking to take operational and project management to a new level of efficiency.

We believe this is the next big leap in software use.

The digital evolution of business.


The process

How does QOTEQ work?

QOTEQ provides a much simpler, smoother and less expensive process of system setup, driven by business analysts or managers.

A Business Analyst (BA) describes the business using our Business Meta Language (BML)
QOTEQ automatically generates configurations for all connected data systems and UIs for each user rol
The Business Analyst can test and deploy the business description in QOTEQ.
QOTEQ Runtime executes all Business Processes (BP) and coordinates all connected systems.


Why choose QOTEQ?

QOTEQ allows non-tech employees to quickly change or fix your system features, lowers your IT costs, improves company market adaptability, and streamlines management and communication.

The old way The QOTEQ way
The average successful e-commerce (or any other) business uses dozens of apps: CRM, accounting, sales, logistics, marketing, etc.
A single digital ecosystem is all you need. No more “software chaos”.
Each app has its own logic, interface and data output.
One interface, one convenient data system, everything is designed to work together.
Expensive IT development needed for custom software or changes to existing systems.
No coders needed. Massive cost savings. After initial setup, your own managers or business analysts can change & improve the system.
Employees have to constantly learn and relearn new apps. Weeks of confusion & time spent on non-work related issues.
Learn once. Afterwards - not much more effort than “learning” a new Windows or MacOS update. Most people won't even notice.
A bird’s eye view of the business is nearly impossible - analytics have to be unified manually from multiple sources.
All company data is seen, streamlined and managed directly in B-OS. In real time, in a single place!
Business decisions are made slowly/incorrectly due to dependence on mis-matched software.
Decisions are made more quickly & effectively, since all the data is visible and easily put to use.
Applications aren’t synchronized or integrated. Lots of work time spent on troubleshooting. Sometimes - errors occur that lose the company money.
All software works in a single “operating system”. Much better optimization, less bugs, more effective business management.
Knowledge is often kept in unreliable sources (docs, spreadsheets, managers’ memories).
Documentation is built into the system and can be easily accessed and updated.


QOTEQ: competitive digital efficiency

Just as companies took a leap in effectiveness by moving to digital communication and planning, QOTEQ makes digital management smooth, less expensive and more competitive via adaptability.

Fast employee training
Only 1-2 days needed to adapt employees to new changes (or onboarding new employees).
Less errors & inaccuracies
Preparing complex repeating business reports becomes quicker and smoother.
Simpler & faster changes
Lightning-fast fixes to business processes: often - within a couple of hours, done by non-tech employees.
Easier & better documentation
Documenting business processes becomes quick, easy and consistent, as it's done within one ecosystem.
Data system compatibility
You can use both the old and new data systems during the transition period without redundant efforts from employees.
60% less IT staff needed
Up to 60% less developer and IT staff involvement in business process changes (hence - less expenses).
ESG & CSP friendly
Compatible with Environmental Social Governance and Corporate Social Performance management.

Platform and tech features

QOTEQ platform features

QOTEQ is built on proven tech, in commercial use for many years.

It has built-in fundamental features to empower your business.

Metarhia tech
A powerful JavaScript-based tech stack with considerable advantages in data management, transmission & cloud tech.
Evolving tech community
A large and active developer community around the Metarhia tech stack, which ensures the tech’s future evolution.
Unified ecosystem
Instead of juggling dozens of programs, logins and workspaces, all your employees work in one ecosystem.
Easy system setup
A manager/analyst can describe the business via simplified code and QOTEQ automatically configures the digital system.
Ready-to-go management templates
Once you complete the setup, QOTEQ provides templates for managing your business processes (customizable later).
5 years in commercial use
Metarhia has proven itself in large-scale commercial private cloud platforms, scaled corporate solutions and more.
Integration of existing tools
if you are dependent on your current applications, you don’t need to lose them. They will be integrated into B-OS.
All necessary software infrastructure
included or generated: databases, program interfaces, etc.

What we offer

Business model

An open-source model for quick global adoption and paid subscription services.

Open-core adoption
  • Open-source software for quick worldwide adoption.
  • Creating a global community that self-promotes our software, tests & contributes to it.
  • Fast penetration into industries & adoption by businesses for further support subscriptions.
S & ME
Subscription tiers
  • Basic support subscription for troubleshooting, queries, etc.
  • Premium feature subscription (advanced features, regulatory packages, convenient templates, etc.
  • Paid consulting & development for high complexity or specialized features.
Partner sales network
  • Offering training & certification for businesses.
  • Creating a partner sales network for fast worldwide sales expansion.
  • Premium partner subscriptions for advanced business development support.
Developer community
  • Rapid growth in the number of implementations of integrations
  • Rapid maturation of the universal product
  • Security for clients and contractors
  • Customization

About company

The QOTEQ company

QOTEQ is a tech service and consulting company based in Funchal da Madeira (Portugal) and Kyiv (Ukraine), developing unique & innovative business management software products.

The team is a group of partners & colleagues with decades of mutual experience in business management, having founded a venture fund and helped establish over a dozen high-tech startups (fintech, cybersecurity, etc.). QOTEQ is our next stage of evolution, bringing innovative tech to empower companies worldwide.


Service packages

QOTEQ is free & open source, but we deliver 2 service options to maximize its potential & make your business competitive & efficient.

QOTEQ Standalone Server

(initial setup + 1 month of support)

  • 10 hrs of consulting or IT assistance for the initial deployment and setup of QOTEQ on your server
  • 300 hrs of consulting/ support for your Business Analysts in our simplified “coding language” and the validation of their code description of your processes
  • 1 year of access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with the option to prolong subscription

*You keep all your setups and downloaded materials/updates forever, even after the 1 month period ends.


(paid service)

  • Configuration-wizard which makes an initial version of the BML description of the business (unlimited for service users)
  • 30h video course for BA to learn the BML
  • 1-year access to repositories with system updates, document templates, and BP templates with ability of prolongation
100 € / month per user
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Contact us

Let’s get in touch

QOTEQ was built from the ground up for pragmatic improvements in business effectiveness: cost savings, operational efficiency, etc.

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